WWE is Real or Fake – know about the facts

This question has been asked since the beginning of WWE, whether WWE is real or fake. Often times during a game we see moments like this that make it seem like WWE is okay because things like that can’t happen in real life. You will get the answer to that question today.

WWE is Real or Fake - know about the facts
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WWE is Real or Fake?

There is no WWE relapse at all. All promos and matches shown in WWE are scripted. Whether it’s the great promo from The Rock or the stunner from Stone Cold, it’s all decided in advance. It is a pro wrestler’s duty to play everything perfectly so that the audience feels like everything is real.

Why is WWE Scripted? Wrestlers do more than 200 shows a year, which is why they need to do safe wrestling. Pro wrestlers are going to die pretty painfully when the superstars get to do the promos and do whatever they want. In such a situation, if a wrestler starts hitting the real wrestler’s chair shots, the other wrestler may break that wrestler’s bones or seriously injure himself. This would greatly increase the odds for both the Superstar and the WWE. That’s why everything that comes to WWE happens and the racers show all of those things pretty well.

WWE is Real or Fake – Are chair, sledgehammer and ladder hits real?

Chair – The chair is actually made of metal, but it’s not always steel as they claim it is. In most cases, they use light metal to make a chair. The use of such metals reduces physical damage while producing good sound effects.

Ring – This 20 x 20-foot structure has a feather (or something similar) on it. If he falls or throws down, it doesn’t have much of an impact on the wrestler.

Mats – Outside the ring is a foam mat that is used in judo/karate to minimize the effect. Even if you jump in, nothing will happen. They are usually 3/4 inch thick and protect the wrestler from the concrete. The same foam coating is used to cover the barricades.

Buckle – 3 corner joints are made of foam as we’ve seen many times. Therefore, after falling, you won’t be thirsty. Second, if someone (like Goldberg or Roman Reigns) misses a spear, you will not go into the post because the distance is too small and the distance from the turnbuckle to the post is quite large and the Pillow you slow down.

Rope – The rope is made up of strong wires. These wires are tied around the square circle by the turnbuckle and are under great tension to achieve an elastic effect when used correctly. The reinforcement wires are first coated with a layer of foam to wire them up with colored tape, which gives us colored ring ropes on different occasions.

Sledgehammer – Triple H covers the sledgehammer with his hand when colliding with someone.

Tables – Tables in WWE are not like the tables we have at home. WWE uses thin wood or plywood to construct these tables, which makes it easier to break if enough force is applied in the center.

Ladder – The ladder is also made of similar light metals and is hollow on the inside. Therefore, when a wrestler tries to establish it, he gets violently shaken. Even though it’s a light metal, it hurts like hell when there’s enough power.

Kendo Stick – This one is also made of hollow wood (which we can see if it’s broken). It hurts a lot, but it’s not something a wrestler can afford.

Barbie – The baseball bat was covered in barbed wire, which is Mick Foley’s favorite weapon and is another way of sharing. He would stop at his opponent, which would only result in one touch. And one touch cannot do you any harm.

Difference between fake and scripted

When a wrestler in fake wrestling kills a wrestler, he is not actually killing him but is acting to do so. In wrestling, when wrestling kills someone, it really kills them, but all of these things are written in advance. Wrestlers also have a limit within which they have to do all the work. ‘Is Wrestling Fake’ ‘Is WWE Fake’ ‘Is WWE Fake or Real’ This is the question every pro wrestling fan must ask, but the truth is that pro wrestling is always written in scripts.

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