Value of Games and Sports in our Life

Games and Sports entertainment are an important means of our life, through which we keep our entertainment and body healthy. There is a very famous saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. After studying in the day according to the routine, the students need some rest and recreation in the evening. Games and sports, especially outsiders, are best suited for them. Games and games are refreshed to students, children, and young people, and enable them to regain their lost energy. As a result, they can work hard at night and with more interest.

Value of Games and Sports in our Life

Games and sports are of great importance to us. Physical training is as important as mental training. The saying ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ is true. Games and sports are very necessary for good health.

Games and sports were introduced to schools and colleges in our country towards the end of the last century. Now they have become very popular. Our life is hard today. So games and sports are. great value to us. Physical training is considered an essential part of education today. Must read this article carefully, you will find the answer about the value of games and sports in our Life

Games and Sports Advantages:

Games and Sports

As you know that sports and games are also very useful from the health point of view, I am not saying that this is an irrevocable truth. The games take students into the company of nature, where they work hard and breathe fresh air, they have to bounce, run, and jump. This physical activity is very useful for digestion. In this way, sports and sports are not only our brains, but they also improve digestion, fill our lungs with pure air in an effective and natural way, and play a big role in making students more active and healthy.

Games and sports improve our health. Exercise in the open ait is a great blessing to our body. Long regular walks are also very useful. Running, swimming, jumping, and other such things improve our health. Games of different kinds are there. They improve general physical well-being and promote physical fitness. A person who takes part in games and sports is always physically fit.

Games and Sports Teach us discipline:

Games and Sports Teach us discipline

Sports teach the value of discipline in students and youth. As you know, every game has its rules and laws and which every player has to follow. Every player has to agree to the referee’s decision. The rules and laws of the game teach every player to respect the laws even if they do not like them. That is why we can say that players are more disciplined than others, and should also be disciplined.

Games develop in us a sense of companionship. Students play games like football, cricket, hockey, basketball, handball, etc. in a team. They play such games with team-spirit. Games provide good training in discipline and organization. Games and sports hold promising careers for really good players. Good players are honored and respected. They represent their country at international meets also.

But excess of anything is bad. Games and sports may prove detrimental to the study. Many promising young men lose interest in studies because of their interest in games and sports. So we should play games and take part in sports together with our studies. It is true that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But all play and no work will make him even duller.

Games and Sports Teach us to co-operate with others:

Games and Sports teach younger’s and students how to live a corporate life. They teach them the importance of teamwork. Every player is a member of a team while playing any sport and has to play for the entire team along with his good performance. Thus he learns to cooperate with others for the general good. Thus when one enters life, he proves to be a good citizen. Through sports and games, they have already learned how to sacrifice themselves for their wishes and the good of society. A successful sportsman is more social and more self-sacrificing than those who have never participated in sports.

Games and Sports Provides outlet for the excess energy of youth:

Sports provide youth and students with an outlet for surplus energy or a platform. The youth are full of energy, which not everyone can use in their studies. If the youth is not provided with a good outlet or platform, it may find itself engaged in mischief, hooliganism, and other undesirable activities. Games and sports are the best means to use this extra energy.

Games and Sports other Advantages:

There are also some other advantages to sports and games. Good sportsmen are popular in society. They are able to earn name and fame for themselves as well as for their institutions. He is respected everywhere, young people consider him as their ideal wherever they go. They get many opportunities to travel to many places, are able to meet new people, and see new destinations. They get jobs easily on merit as players are given more preference than others along with services.


Therefore, it is quite clear that sports and games have very important importance in life. But they can do a lot of harm to the students because their studies get in this way. That is why they should enjoy the game as a means of entertainment for a limited time by creating a correct routine. If you are more interested in sports, then you want to make a career in sports by talking to your parents, then take the right steps. Studying sports is also very important, sports should not be misused. Then they will not remain a blessing but become a curse. Also, sportsmanship is the essence of sports. The main objective should be to cut a game in the spirit of the game. We should not lose the nobility of the game. The meaning of the saying is that victory is not all that matters, the main thing is participation in an event. Thus a game should not become a throat cut incident. Losing a game gives an opportunity to show genuine sportsmanship grace, dignity, generosity, and nobility.

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