Health insurance does not cover the entire cost of corona treatment

According to insurance regulator IRDA, giving corona cover in health insurance is mandatory. Despite this, Corona patients are stuck in the rules of hospital and insurance companies. Before some days ago, an incident happened on this issue. Reacting to this, the insurance industry said that during the treatment of Corona, there are many conditions in which.

Health insurance does not cover the entire cost of corona treatment

So let’s know some important information – how health insurance does not cover the entire cost of corona treatment

The insurance company cannot provide cover. This includes many non-medical expenses, including treatment at home. In such a situation, you cannot be sure about getting corona treatment only with the help of health policy.

No treatment cover in the waiting period

According to experts, the company offers a waiting period of 15 to 30 days when a health insurance policy is adopted. According to the rules, if the corona is installed within the waiting period, then that person will not get the benefit of the insurance cover. Therefore, before taking insurance, the person taking insurance should read and understand the terms of the Health insurance.

24-hour hospitalization is necessary

To avail health insurance policy, it is necessary to be admitted at least 24 hours in the hospital. If a person is found corona positive but gets treatment at home instead of being admitted to the hospital, then he will not get the benefit of health insurance policy coverage. However, some companies do not require 24-hour treatment for various diseases. But this is not the case with Corona. So before taking insurance, you must know the condition.

Health Insurance

The burden of non-medical expenses

Non-medical items are the highest expenses in the treatment bill. There are around 200 things that are not included in the health insurance policy. It costs the patient. These include a comb, foot cover, toothpaste, toothbrush, TV charge, internet charge, etc.

Own expenses at home

If the corona patient is undergoing home treatment, then he will not get the benefit of cover in the health insurance policy. According to the rules, the patient must be admitted to the hospital for at least 24 hours to avail of health insurance.

Room rent

In an insurance policy, it is known that during the treatment, the daily amount of rent in the hospital is fixed to the insured. This is usually one percent of the sum assured. If you exceed this, you have to pay the rest from yourself.

These costs are included in the corona cover

If the doctor advises a person who is Corona positive to be admitted to the hospital, the insurance company will bear the expenses for the treatment up to 30 days before hospitalization and up to 60 days after being discharged. This expense includes all types of tests, medicines, doctor fees, etc.

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